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Megan Soo Revolutionizes the Entertainment Industry from a Multicultural Perspective

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

By Vishnu Chaudhari

Megan's first press release on NYK Daily, talking about her debut single and her mission.

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Canadian-born actress, singer, and content creator, Megan Soo is the definition of never giving up. Being of Korean, Chinese, and Trinidadian background, Megan is a multiracial Asian who for a very long time sought lead roles in the entertainment industry. With little success finding a lead role for someone with mixed ethnicity, Megan decided to do what all successful and like-minded entrepreneurs do—she made a name for herself.

One of Megan’s recent projects was releasing her new single, Let Me Love Me, which is a song about self-care and loving who you are in your own skin. She is currently working on releasing a music video that is set to be released in a few weeks. Megan wants her work to have meaning behind it in a way that makes others look up to her for being unapologetically herself.

Megan’s primary goal is to advocate for Asian and mixed-race members of the entertainment community who are having difficulties having their voices heard. She wants to create a platform where those voices can not only be heard but appreciated and given a chance to showcase their talent. Megan is out to pave a pathway for multiracial creators and proving/showing that if you don’t fit into a niche – create your own.

Read the full article here:

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