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Ontario K-Pop Singer and Multi-Platform Creator Megan Soo Releases Her Debut Single “Let Me Love Me”

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Megan's new single gets attention on Faded4U's K-pop news. Read the full article here:

Performing a new pseudo K-pop style she coined as K-hall, a mix between dancehall and K-pop, the singer and actor fuses her Korean, Chinese and Trinidadian backgrounds for her first ever single release. An upbeat anthem about self care and love, this track oozes with carefree summer vibes keeping those winter blues at bay. Alternating between catchy Korean hooks and jaunty English verses (“Love me Love me, I do/ I just wanna let me love me, do you?), Soo's debut is a promising glimpse into what’s to come in the future. The official music video drops October 30th.

Read the full article here:

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