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Megan Soo brings her own, unique flavour to K-pop with "Let Me Love Me"

Featured on OLM Ottawa Life Magazine. Read the full article here:

The Toronto born-and-raised multi-talent is an actress, dancer and social influencer – with almost 40k followers on Instagram alone – and she is now making the big step into the music scene with the recent release of her debut single “Let Me Love Me”. The song dropped back in August and the official music video hit YouTube this past week.

With a mixed ethnic background, Korean, Chinese and Trinidadian, Soo blends the sounds of all her cultures into something she coins “K-Hall” – a dance style of music that blends the catchiness and pop flavour of K-pop with the sophisticated rhythm and beats of Caribbean dancehall. Soo took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her musical journey and inspiration...

Read the full article here:

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